Best Dog Care Books

Best Dog Care Books

All books are not well feedback according to customer requirements. We mention top rated two best dog care books. Most of dog owner, dog shelter organization likes these books. Also we have responsibility like  before post an article we research about the article that is say a customer how much benefited by this article? When we ensure that the book or article is rich content then we post in this site. Also if you would like to know  best dog care books where listed ever best dog training and best dog care books.

Best Dog Care Books – Expert Reviews

Book Name: How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond

About Writer of the Book: CESAR MILLAN is a popular dog writer. He wrote some  book like: Cesar’s Way, A Member of the Family and Be the Pack Leader. These are so popular so reported in New York Times best selling book. He is the star of Dog Whisper with Cesar Millan of the National Geographic Channel’s. It is top rated show in channel. In later he and his wife established a nonprofit organization name Cesar and Ilusion Millan Foundation. They dedicated helping and rescue groups. Also CESAR organize a educational seminar and work for unstable dogs.

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Description of Book: Every year millions of people bring a puppy at home and puppy birth at home. A dog owner don’t know the puppy  during rising how to maintain each and every things. Like: Behavior, Puppy food and what puppy rising environment. The writer presented in this book  perfectly. Some dog owner don not importance the issues. Cesar Millan by his long experience describe in his book how to correct most conman behavior issues for young dogs. In his book most important puppy’s  factor like

  • The essentials of proper nutrition of puppy
  • The importance of vaccination and not over vaccination
  • How to create prefect obedience
  • Lists are conman mistake young dog and puppy
  • Set of exercise and how to perform for every breed

All these are perform  with play of your puppy. The writer design of book such as way a dog owner will be not bore. During care your puppy you will get lot of fun and play, and exercise. It is perfect book for a dog owner. Since a dog is family member so should importance equally as like as other member of a family.  

Book Name: Puppies For Dummies For Dummies (Pets)

About the Writer of the Book: Sarah Hodgson is famous dog trainer. He is not only train a dog but also train people who are have to be train to dog. The writer have been working training with dog long 20 years. She author of at least 8 dog training books. including Teach Yourself Visually, Dog Training; Dog Tricks For Dummies; Dog Perfect; and Puppy Perfect. Very soon released a book name Miss Sarah’s Book of Etiquette for Dogs.

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 She had many popular and famous clients that are. Glenn Close,TV personality Katie Couric, actors/actresses Chevy Chase, and Lucie Arnez, business moguls George Soros, Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy Mottola, and Michael Fuchs, and sports greats Bobby Valentine and Alan Houston. Richard Gere, and Chazz Palminteri,

When comes a puppy first in house most of dog owner don’t know how care a puppy perfectly. Sarah Hodgson in this book each and every things presented very clearly any body can perform it. If you read the book carefully you would know

  • Feeding
  • Training
  • The latest doggie day care
  • About travelling with puppy
  • The bestselling guide to making the most of puppy’s first year
  • And new designer breed.

Such as many important things about puppy very easy way and perfect way discuss in  his book. For a dog owner the book will be a total guide line about puppy how to care.

So, I discuss at least two best dog care books. I expect a dog owner will be highly benefited. Most of dog owner like these books and these are best seller books.