Dog Travel

Dog Travel

Dog is a family member of you. Describe dog is the best friend of you and dog is the best companion of you.  Most of American thinks it. So during your vacation if you want to go somewhere you can take your best companion like your dog. If it is husky dog so more better due to husky breed is more family friendly than any other dog breed. Not only that if it is puppy so your trip will be more enjoyable.

Dog Travel Regulations With  for Other Country

Finally if you decided that you will go to plane 3 that is say out of your country. For that reason you should be consider many issues Like: Each country have specific terms and condition that your dog meet before entering to the country. Also you will book a hotel, that hotel can you allow to keep the dog with you. Nearest any retail shop where can purchase dog food. Not only that should be more consider your dog accustomed to eat suppose ABC brand. If you don’t find that brand so it will be problem you and your dog. Can you make sense if not found your dog passing with food less. So the issue think seriously. Better decision is keep dog food in your bag for how many days stay.


Most of the European country are straight forward about rabies in dog. You have to be proved rabies vaccination and for this reason need to be micro –chipped. It exception are the UK, Ireland, Malta, Norway and Finland. These countries need an additional tapeworm  treatment. If you travel with a dog such as country you need a recent report of rabies antibodies blood test of your dog. This test report have been process by a laboratory  that is certified by the European Union. You need a micro chipped or a document that prove your dog is rabies free. Some European country are slight fixable about rabies like: Norway, Malta United Kingdom, The Republic of Ireland, Finland 

These all rules are lot of hassle. You have to think positive way. Your going to travel with a dog out of country so you should obedient each countries’ rabies rules. Also you have to be maintaining health your dog. If you would like to more information or per country regulation visit: .

Travel Regulations for Crate

For international travel by plane sometimes cars, train and boat, Your need certification and approval litter of International Air Transportation Associations (IATA) use crate for dog. The crate’s design should be ensure your dog keep in safety during. So, your dog stands out freely, sitting position need more softly. That is say your dog during travelling feel comfortable.  Most airline accept sturdy Plastic Create with wide door, During travel your dog may hungry so, able to keep water and door when the dog is in the crate. 

How to Travel With a Dog

Lots of ways you can travel with your dog or pet. Like: By own or rental car, bus, train, boat and by plane. That are all different mode of trans potation.  When you chose plane 3 you have to be face variety kinds of problems during traveling with your dog. Because many times you have to be change mode of transportation.

Travel by Car: Easiest way is travel by car. If you think that sitting on car you feel bore so stop journey for some time and walk with your dog.  Also travel by car is freedom. Where ever you would like to go you could go. From user experience who are frequently travel with dog by car, it is hassle free due to it is private car.

Travel by Train: Travel by train easy way as like as travel by car. But in the train your are not freedom. Train journey is more comfortable and less risk than any other journey. During train journey your dog keeps in soft dog crate due free from lots of hassle.  All countries you would not get permission to travel with dog in the train. Because train use only for public transportation not for pet like Asian country Vietnam you will not allow dog in the train. Some train company demand extra a muzzle for dog. Most of the country allow dog in the train.

Travel by Boat: Travel by boat and travel by train are same. Most boat company have a kennels on board. So your dog during travelling on boat keep in kennel. During traveling by boat with a dog a dog will stay in kennel board and a dog owner will stay in car. During travelling on board you should be care full like: keep your dog in a create. Otherwise your dog may jump in the water. Also you can use a dog collar during travelling by boat from avoid it.

Travel by Plane: Travel by plane with a dog is very difficult and costly. Also you should be meet many terms and condition.

If your dog is small so you will get permission to take in cabin. Most of the air lines have regulations on crate. It normally should be dimensions are 46 cm H  X 28 cm W X 24 cmH and weight should be maximum 8 kg of dog and create. If the weight crate and dog over 8kg you could not permission the dog with you in plane. Over weight your dog or if your dog is so big you need a extra checked baggage. Ultimately your dog for travelling will be hold for some time. Your dog will go to your destination but not in same plane. You will go to a passenger plane and your dog will go to a cargo plane. Don’t worry where temperature and pressure are regulated. Also temperature depend on depart airport and destination airport.

Note: Emirates Airlines don’t accept pets to fly in the United Arab Emirates from May 1 to September 30 due to this time high temperature and humidity.

To avoid some stress of dog travel you can book a cargo flight. It is more costly. One important factor that ensures you and your dog depart same airport and same destination.

Ensure this two things may arrived same time your dog and you. Since your dog is going to another dog based cargo cabin, where reputed cargo service company maintain temperature. On the other hand absence of you looks after your dog cargo company staff. If you would like to know more details about travel regulations of crate .

Preparation for Dog Travel

Note: Your travel companion if is a Siberian husky breed so you have to consider temperature. Siberian husky is accustomed to cold weather. So your trip if is cold weather that is ok. But if your trip hot or sunny weather. For Siberian husky may heat stroke. For other dog breed may not heat stroke problem during sunny or hot weather.

Before going to travel with your dog you should be medical check up your dog by a vet as well as your fitness.

Weather Condition of Dog Travel

Ensure you and your dog physically fitness any kinds of trip either plane 1, 2 and 3

  • Weather condition
  • Temperature

 We can divide it three ways the dog travel Like Plane 1, Plane 2 and plane 3.

 Plane 1. We describe simply go to somewhere only for one day trip

Plane 2. We describe more one days trip it can be up to 3 days trip and 

Plane 3. We description at least seven day trip also depends on you.

Plane 1 is very easy trip. Select a beautiful place near you that perfect match your background.  Just go to morning and come back afternoon. For this trip you can include another family member of you. Such as trip no tension to comeback due to it is short trip. During whole day play, enjoy with your dog and family member. 

Here listed dog travelling items those requirements during traveling. For place and time listed items may be vary or depends of you budget and life style.

For Dog

  • Dry dog food
  • Feeding bowls
  • Water pot or water bottle
  • One crate
  • One lease
  • Dog toys – Like Ball, treat, etc.
  • For winter dog warm coat and jackets
  • For sunny or summer cool down jackets and shoes for warmer
  • Car seat and booster

For Adult Family Member

  •  Jacket or Sweater for winter
  • One mate
  • Family member lunch
  • Plate
  • Glass
  • Top drink brand: Milk, Beer, Coffee and Soda
  • At least 5 – 10 Litre water bottle
  • Toilet tissue both for dog and family member
  • One knife for fruits cutting

For kids

  • Diaper
  • 2 – 3 dress according climate 
  • Spoon
  • Small plate for kids feeding
  • Feeder for water feeding
  • And a First Aid Box

Arrived at Destination

Day by day hotel and restaurant change or update rules and regulation. During night you your love dog sleep in same bed its’ not quit easy. Here is good link, that listed hotel and places that you can sleep same bed, eat and play you and your dog.

So, the whole article I discussed about dog travel like: Travel regulations with dog for other country, Travel Regulations for Create, How to Travel With a Dog, preparation of dog Travel and List of Items of Dog Travel. I expect almost cover all kinds of requirements of a travel with a dog inner country and outer country.