How to have a fantastic how to care a puppy with minimal spending

How to Care a Puppy

Nothing beats, how to care a puppy. I will show in this article how to care a Puppy or how to take care of a puppy when you work. You can say how to take of a puppy at night. In fact  whatever you say all are same meaning. My another article in the same site  where I showed how to care a dog? That is to say medium and large dog how to care. Puppy and medium and large size dog different. Here I will show only a puppy how to care? Bringing a puppy in a house start take care.

How _ to _ Care _ a _ Puppy

House for Puppy: For how to care a puppy first thing is house. Where dose live your puppy. It main concern for a puppy.

Need a safety house for how to care a puppy Here some precaution about house.   

  • All breakable items remove where keep your puppy
  • Any kinds of chemical and toxic under lock
  • Keep floor should be digging out
  • Naked electric line must be covered
  • A puppy house should be well air circulation
  • If a window of puppy house should be use net
  • A puppy house should be safe from other animal

Provide Well Space for the Puppy: Provide your puppy a sufficient space like: Kitchen and bathroom are an perfect place due to two places are warm and washable. If you think that at night your puppy keep in your bed. For this reason you can use a crate.

Keep Two Bawls: Eating  your puppy need two bawls. One for food and one for water. For that you can use plastic pot. It is unbreakable and easily cleanable.

Keep a Bed: Keep a bed for your puppy. The bed should be cool, soft, dry. Should be consider the bed hot and cool weather and it important.

Keep Toys: Need variety kinds of toys. Including both chew and  soft toys. You monitor closely the toys are only for play or chews.

You can consider Nylabone Puppy Starter – It is very popular and puppy triple pack

If the treats are larger so break them into smaller pieces

Ensure Right Food: Since a puppy is a growing stage. So, she have boundless energy. You should be close monitor what treat she likes. You can chose canned food, kibble, home made dog food. All option are allow for puppy. If you confused about puppy so you can ask to a certified veterinarian. If you notice that your puppy is dislike, vomiting and diarrhea providing food. Immediately go to vet or chang food items.

How Much Food Feed To A Puppy: If you have a puppy less than 6 months you should be feeding it at least 3 to 4 meals per day. After six months this can be reduced to two meals per day. Never leave uneaten food out all day.

Here is a ratio for dog food. You can use bellow ratio

Weight 5kg 10 kg 15kg 20kg 25kg 30kg 35kg 40kg 45kg
2% 100gm 200gm 300gm 400gm 500gm 600gm 700gm 800gm 900gm
3% 150gm 300gm 450gm 600gm 750gm 900gm 1050gm 1200gm 1350gm

Need Grooming Tools: For proper maintain or for proper care  you need some puppy accessories. Puppy Create, Comb, Rubber Gloves, Nail Clipper, Puppy shampoo, Bristle Brush, Towel, Puppy Tooth Pest, Flat Collar – Should be Nylon or Leather. Otherwise your puppy may injured at neck. Collar sizing is very important.

Adaption  New Environment: Since your puppy a new family member. She comes a new area. You should be extra care and more attention. For familiar at home wear a soft flat collar and give her at least one hour for roaming at home.

Protect Your Puppy: It a dog breed. It is more curious and may escape from house. So use a collar and tag where put name, address, current phone no. and you can put a tag no.

Puppy Disease: Dog or puppy mainly suffer two kinds of diseases no. 1. Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD) and no. 2. Progressive Rental Atrophy (PRA) Also some disease can attack like Hereditary, Corneal dystrophy, Hypothyroidism and Zinc Responsive Dermatosis (Zinc – deficiency).

You should be aware about Rabies Vaccine for puppy. Every year give rabies vaccine to your puppy.

So I expect may be help you above discussion about how to care a puppy or how to take care of a puppy when you work. You can say newborn puppies care week by week. In fact  whatever you say all are same meaning . Most important is since your puppy has come new environment so give her love, extra care and more attention. You should be thing a puppy is a new family member. She needs every things as like as needs a man in a house.

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