Lost my dog & How to find it – An incredibly easy method

Lost My Dog & How to Find It

Lost my dog, yes it true. My dog ran away and never come back. So, if you have a dog in your house you may lost if happened it so I’m sorry for that. I will show you in this article how to find a lost dog at night or how to find a lost dog at woods. I will discuss with the whole article lost my dog an incredibly easy method that works for all. So lets start step by step the three stages briefly.


  1. Why she ran away and where she can go open?
  2. How to find lost a dog? and
  3. How to prevent lost my dog?

1.Lost My Dog – Why she ran away and where she can go open

When lost my dog from a house at first analysis character of your dog. Like: His life style, what kinds of food she likes, if newcomer comes at your house, what is the reaction of your dog, have a dog your neighbor like this. Think Where she can go?

In fact dog is a wild animal. So she wants to go out site for that reason. Also she can go to out site due his loneness, boredom and sexual urges. I mention here three causes to go to ran away. May cover the three causes lost your dog. Now you can think what is the main reason to go to out site. As a dog owner should be know best causes lost a dog. A young dog normally can go 5 miles or more. A small dog can go half a mile maximum.  

> If my dog ran away and never come back. Your dog can attack another dog and she is insured. So she could not retune at home.

> Someone may captured your dog use as his pet in the house, so she could not come at home.

> Your dog fall a road accident and she serious injured, so she could not come at home.

> Your dog ran away for sexually urge so she could not return to home.

> If you do not provide sufficient food your dog on time so she may go out site for searching food. Such as may various causes lost my dog not come at home your dog.

So, I think may cover above discussion or help you to find out causes of lost my dog or why she ran away and where she can go open.

2.Lost My Dog – How to find a lost dog a proven methods

 Now I will discuss step by step recovery process lost my dog.

In Site Check Process

If you see that your dog have not see at more than one hour. So have to be think some thing is wrong about your dog. First time ask all member of the house that have not seen in the house more than one hour. You can ask some one of house last saw the dog.

Searching At House: First search at house plan site. If you do not find plan place of house. Now start searching at rooms, bed, under bed, behind sofa or back site of freeze. Simply think your dog what kind of places can go at house.

Ask a Neighbor: Tell to your neighbor that our dog do not finding. Did you see. If see ask how much time last  saw.

Calling The Dog: If you do not find your dog at house. Now call your dog loudly. If she near place and she hear your call, she can come by call.

Out site Check Process

For recovery your lost dog as soon as possible go to out site. Better chance that finding lost your dog within 7 to 10 hours. Some experts say that 75% to 85% lost dog or pet found again if the owner start searching at 7 to 10 hour.

> Again calling loudly your dog by name. If she hear your call she can response. Call your dog as it is call at home so that she easily understand call her.

> You should be consider sounds of your dog. Notice and try to listen sounds of your dog.

> Searching for lost your dog open area you can use binocular. This binocular help you to see from far.

> You can go to local animal shelter and check veterinarian center and tell them about your lost dog’s physical appearance and Id card no. if possible. Next couple of days you can go to animal shelter.

> Searching your lost dog you can use car. Drive slowly the car and notice all around not only that call loudly her name.

> Lost my dog the message informs your friends, neighbors. They can see your dog a particular direction. If find out specific direction it will be easier to find your lost dog.

> If search at night. You must use flashlight for your safety.

> If you failure all effort to find out lost your dog now can add in the social media or which media is best for advertising  check it. In the add should be include Name, Appearance, Color, Id Tag No. ect.

> Finally I will tell you don’t worry. You can wait up to one month or more and continue checking at local animal shelter.

3.How to prevent lost my dog

Bringing your dog at home or at home by birth your dog some issues should be considers. Wear a tag or a micro chipped in the neck where include your dog’s name, address, give a no. or current phone no. This information of id tag note down and preserve it for future use. So that if someone finds your dog that person can inform you about the dog.My_dog_ran_away_and_never_come_back

> Notice her sexual eager: If you maintain the issue your dog may not ran away from home.

> Provide proper food your dog on time.

> Properly take care your dog.

> As a dog owner you know well about your dog. You should be close monitoring your dog what she wants and what she doesn’t want maintain that and your dog never will be  lost.

So I think the whole article may help you to find out a lost dog. May cover three section like: Why she ran away and where she can go open? How to find a lost a dog? and How to prevent lost my dog? If you apply three section that I discuss the whole article I can assure. You will be benefited.

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